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10 BEST Triceps (Horseshoe) Exercises

Questions: How to grow your "HORSESHOE"?


1. Do more reps.

2. Add more weight (intensity).

3. Changing the grips.

4. Changing exercises.

5. Changing TEMPO.

Example 1: Do more reps.

When you are doing Cable Triceps Pushdown, you do 5 more reps to failure until you cannot do one more rep. Fatigue your triceps.

Example 2: Add more weight (intensity).

If you used to do Dips x 10 reps x bodyweight. Today, you are going to lift additional 5kg to do 8 reps.

Example 3: Changing the grips.

Cable Triceps Pushdown - You can use the ropes, straight handle with pronated/ supinated grip, 2 handles with reverse grip.

Example 4:Changing exercises.

We have tons of exercises to build our triceps. Just be creative!

Example 5: Changing TEMPO.

Dips - tempo 3111, 4010, 5010, 3211, 3010

Here are Ten TRICEPS exercises:

1. Dips

2. Cable Triceps Pushdown

3. 2-arms Cable Triceps Extension

4. Seated DB Overhead Triceps Extension

5. Cable Triceps Overhead Extension

6. 1-arm (Unilateral) Cable Triceps Kickback

7. 2-arms (Bilateral) DB Bent Over Triceps Kickback

8. 1-arm DB Overhead Press

9. Push-ups at Squat Rack

10. Diamond Push-ups⁣⁣⁣

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