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Six Pack Abs Should Be Your Ultimate Goal? ⁣

1. I always tell my students that if they can't show their abs, they are FAT. Period. ⁣

(Fat means not lean enough.)⁣

2. As I know, everyone is chasing abs, but they forget about the gym performance. ⁣

How many chin-ups can you do?⁣

How much squat can you do?⁣

What's your 3RM of Deadlfit? ⁣

How much can you snatch? ⁣

How fast can you row? ⁣

3. To me, abs is a by-product of discipline, hard work, consistency and dedication. You should show me your abs 365/24/7. ⁣

⁣4. Having abs should not be your ultimate goal. Your training goals should be involving physical health, mental health, strength, fitness & aesthetics. ⁣⁣Many studies tell us that regular exercises can manage stress and anxiety. ⁣⁣

5. If your goal is to compete in bodybuilding, you must have abs al year round. I personally don’t believe off-season concept. You have gain phase, maintenance phase and cutting phase. ⁣⁣The off-season is an excuse for you to eat whatever you want to get fat. ⁣⁣Since poor nutrition leads poor gym performance. ⁣⁣

6. Abs is not just for the bodybuilding competition. Since I feel GOOD when I look at myself from the mirror every morning. It's all about confidence, and to ensure my nutrition is on the right track. ⁣⁣

7. Being a professional personal trainer, you should have a good shape with traps, back, chest, arms, abs, legs. You are an example of your clients. You give them a “hope” or a “goal” to achieve. ⁣⁣

8. “Lead by Example” is my philosophy.

⁣⁣* Get stronger. ⁣

* Small win in every session.⁣

* Maintain the decent body shape. ⁣

* Get up early. ⁣

* Train consistently. ⁣

* Never give up. ⁣

* Be the hardest worker at the gym. ⁣

* Train outside my comfort zone. ⁣

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