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10 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

10 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass


Tip 1: Decent calories 攝取足夠卡路里

I have a trainee whose fat is less than 10%. Right now, he is having 3000 to 3200 kcal per day because of his job nature, and he trains 6 sessions a week.

我有一位學員,他的脂肪是低於10%的。他現在每天進食3000至3200kcal。 當然因為工作關係,他是非常活躍的。

Tip 2. Earn your carbs 你必須賺取你的碳水

The easiest way is to have carbohydrates after training. How much carb can you eat depends on your muscle mass and body fat %.



Tip 3: Decent body fat around 10% 體脂最好介乎 10%

All world-class coaches and Pro-bodybuilders also tell you the fact that you must achieve a certain amount of body fat before building muscles. That is the most effective method.

所有世界級的教練們和 Pro-bodybuilders 都會告訴你一件事實,你必須達到一定的體脂,然後才建立肌肉,這是最有效的方法。

Tip 4: Focus on building muscles and strength. 你的目標需要集中於建立肌肉及力量訓練。

Many people enter the gym room, they just do some random workout, and do not do training according to the training plan, or they want to burn their fat, they think they can build muscles, which is entirely wrong.

很多人進入健身室,他們只是做一些random workout, 並沒有根據訓練計劃去做訓練,或者他們希望燃燒他們的脂肪,便以為能夠建立肌肉,這是完全錯誤的觀念。

Tip 5: Learn how to execute the exercises with perfert form & techniques with tempo



Tip 6: Train hard! Train close to failure!


You need to learn to push yourself to the limit. If you don't know where your limits are, how do you decide on 1-2 RIR?

你需要學習推自己令你的極限。如果你不知道自己的極限在哪裏,你又何來決定1-2 RIR?

Tip 7: Train same muscle group x 2 a week


If your weakness is back muscles, you can train your back muscles twice a week. Don't follow other people's training plans, let alone Bro-split.


Tip 8: Stay active 保持活躍

Although your goal is to build muscle, it doesn't mean you can't stay active. Because if you don't stay active, it is easy to accumulate body fat.


Tip 9: Hydration 必須喝足夠的水份

You must drink enough water. Moisture is an integral part. When the body lacks water, your athletic performance will decline, and your training performance will decline.


Tip 10: Sleep (= recovery) 睡眠

I believe no one will deny the importance of sleep. I need not say more.



如果你想知道什麼是 Flexible Dieting,請按

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